Affiliated to CBSE | Affiliation No- 2430237 | Nursery to Class-XII | Hostel Facility Available

Rules For Hostel

  1. Entry into the Hostel –

    1. New Boarders: Should arrive by 2:30 PM before the day of commencement of classes. Parents of new students first talk to the warden and get the assigned hostel belongings such as bed, almirah, bed sheet, bed cover, pillow and pillow covers after making necessary payment for the same. They also show the list of clothing and other articles to the warden before their ward checks into the hostel. Parents see the room and leave the hostel immediately.

    2. Old Boarders: Should arrive between 3:30 – 5:30 PM only after every holiday break before the day of commencement of classes. However, if they are not able to join that day, next day or subsequently they can join at the same time after paying late payment charges i.e. Rs. 100 per day to the warden. If parents leave their wards without paying late payment charges, they would be deducted automatically from their pocket money. Boarders, who are late, are strictly not allowed to go inside the hostel premises at any other time and without the permission of the warden.

  2. Leaving the Hostel –

    1. For holiday breaks: Holiday breaks related to summer, Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Winter and Post Exam are notified in advance. Parents are not allowed to take them earlier under any circumstances other than medical exigencies in due consultation with the hostel warden. Children are released between 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM for summer break on the next day after the classes. Requests for release earlier than 11:30 AM would not be entertained. For other holidays, children are released between 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM. However, for releasing children, preference would be given to boarders leaving by prior reservation arrangements on production of tickets. For all others, they would be given coupons indicating priority on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    2. Permanent exit: Such children are released after 3:30 PM. Such parents should apply 1 month in advance and pay 1-months hostel fees. No child can be released from the hostel in the middle of the term. That means a child can exit from the hostel only after completion of term. Before an exit, the child should give a list of belongings and show them to the warden. He would only be allowed to carry with him the belongings mentioned in the list. Warden would issue a NOC after checking the belongings of the boarder. They should carry their bedding, clothing and other articles including those bedding provided by the school within a week of their exit. Otherwise the school would not be responsible for them.

  3. Damage to school and hostel’s property – The charges are punitive and are not necessarily a reflection of the real cost. At the minimum, cost of materials and labour charges are recovered.

  4. Misbehaviour with teachers and staff – School’s teachers and staff with children are a part of campus family. Not following instructions, passing lurid and indecent remarks and anything that borders on indecency would constitute as misbehavior. Boarders are refrained from any such deeds and help create a healthy environment in the school. Warning is given for the first two instances with punishment to enforce future good behaviour from them.

  5. Misbehaviour with seniors – Children staying in the hostel must enjoy bon homie among them and must respect senior children and seek guidance and help from them whenever necessary. They should follow their instructions as and when required and abstain from passing any remarks on them causing hurt and disrespect.

  6. Misbehaviour with juniors – Seniors are more experienced and should act as a friend and guide to junior children thereby helping them to adjust with hostel life including academics. However, they are refrained from teasing them, bossing over them or ragging of any nature – physical or mental.

  7. Sharing bed – Sharing bed is strictly not allowed between a boy and a girl. Also two girls and two boys also can not share a bed. They also can not attach two or more beds in the night for sleeping or any other purpose. Suitable action would be taken against those indulging in such unhygienic practices.

  8. Changing room – A boarder can not change his room that is allotted to him. Any inconvenience faced by the boarder should be explained to the warden and only after his permission any change in room can be effected.

  9. Taking or using other’s things without permission – Common in hostels, these are strictly not allowed. Boarders need to respect other’s belongings and seek permission before using any of them.

  10. Meeting with parents while staying in hostel – Without necessary permissions from the warden, boarders should not meet parents when they visit school for parent teachers meeting or any other purpose. Parents should not attempt to meet their wards without asking the warden.

  11. Talking with other’s parents without permission – It is often noted that boarders meet parents of other boarders and day scholars. This practice must be stopped. Parents should also desist from meeting any hosteller on their own without permission from the warden.

  12. Dealing with Security Guard – Security guard should not be engaged by wards or parents for long near the gate area. They must conclude their business quickly. Any attempts to give money and sweets either to the ward / security person would not be tolerated.

  13. Parent’s Visits: Parents of boarders are entitled to meets their wards once in a month on second Saturdays between 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM. During such hours, they may also take them out but must compulsorily bring them back before 5:30 PM. Late arrivals of boarders would result in cancellation of such entitlement in future. During such occasions, they should not request for grant of leave more than the scheduled hours.

  14. Telephone: Parents of boarders are allowed to call their wards once in a week on Saturdays & Sundays as per the following schedule:

Saturdays: I – VI: 4 PM – 6 PM

Sundays: VII onwards: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

  1. Entertainment: Boarders are allowed to watch television (45 minutes every working day) for their infotainment needs. On holidays, there are allowed to watch a movie. Occasionally, new movies are shown to them in a theatre-styled audio visual room.

  1. Religion: Open expression of religion in terms of pasting pictures of gods / goddesses on the walls/almirah, lighting agarbattis, chanting mantras/bhajan loudly, offering namaj etc. are prohibited. Forcing/ influencing any other boarder in support of / against any religion would not be tolerated.

  2. Oranaments / Jewelery / Gadgets: Boarders are not allowed to keep these besides a simple electronic watch (not costing more than Rs. 250). Any other gadget found with them would be confiscated and not returned. Girls may wear a simple ear-ring only.

  3. Parent’s Entry into Hostel Premises: Parent’s Entry into hostel premises is strictly not allowed, only exception would be at the time of admission in the beginning of the session only.

  4. Eloping from Hostel: Any boarder eloping (leaving without information without escort) from the hostel would not kept back in the hostel again. In case of this eventuality, school in no case would be responsible for the boarder.

  5. Electronic Equipments: these are strictly banned in the hostel. Any such equipment found would be seized (and not refunded) and a fine of Rs. 1000 would be imposed.

  6. Hostel Holidays: Holidays are usually breaks wherein the classes are suspended for a few days such as those in summer, Durga Puja, Christmas and Annual Break. The hostel is closed during such periods. Besides a small break is allowed for Diwali but the long distance inmates can continue to stay in the hostel. Some important religious festivals for the minorities are allowed on a case to case basis. Please follow school bulletin for exact dates.

  7. Communication with parents: Hostel inmates must communicate with their parents directly through phone and not thorough other parents / other children.

  8. Play Equipments: Select outdoor play equipment such as cricket bat are allowed. Besides they are allowed to bring indoor board games for their entertainment.

  9. Staying in Hostel during School/Prep Hours: Without specific reason and warden’s permission, no boarder is allowed to stay in the hostel during school and prep hours. Doing so would invite a penalty of Rs. 100 for each such instance.

  10. Staying in Hostel during Other Scheduled Activities: Without specific reason and warden’s permission, no boarder is allowed to stay in the hostel during scheduled activities. Doing so would invite a penalty of Rs. 50 for each such instance.

  11. Self study hours: A number of supervised study hours are indicated in the schedule. However, these are not to be treated as limits to studying. There are plenty of free hours on holidays and afternoons. Senior students and other students wanting to study are encouraged to use these hours for their self study.