Affiliated to CBSE | Affiliation No- 2430237 | Nursery to Class-XII | Hostel Facility Available

Hygiene Conditions

Every hostel inmate is expected to live hygienically at all times so that other community members find him acceptable and companionship offered to him is natural. Hygiene conditions expected from a hostel inmate include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Morning bowel movement

  • Brushing teeth twice a day

  • Washing hands before every meal

  • Taking bath every day – summer (2) with soap, winter (1) with soap

  • Head bath with shampoo (twice a week in summer and once in winter)

  • Applying hair oil everyday

  • Applying oil/ moisturizer everyday before/after taking bath (winter only)

  • Changing undergarments everyday after taking bath (compulsory)

  • Changing clothes every time as per the schedule

  • Making hair knots everyday (for girls only)

  • Arranging cloths, books and general items in Almirah (everyday)

  • Sleeping at 9:30 PM and not moving in the corridors / toilets unnecessarily