Affiliated to CBSE | Affiliation No- 2430237 | Nursery to Class-XII | Hostel Facility Available

Hostel Facilities

Lodging Arrangements

Comfortable rooms with bed, medium size steel almirah and wooden shoe racks are provisioned to each inmate admitted in the hostel. These belong to the school and any damage to school belongings are charged from the inmate. However, mattresses, bed sheets, bedcover and pillows with covers are given to the children on payment of requisite fees at the time of admission. Private mattresses, bed sheets, bedcovers pillows and pillow covers are strictly not allowed to ensure uniformity of physical look and feel of the room. Spacious and wide corridors and staircases greet children as they enter the hostel premises. Bathroom and toilets are spacious and sufficient in number meeting international standards of per student ratios.

Boarding Arrangements

Hostel inmates are provided vegetarian food. There are five meals a day – breakfast, lunch, refreshment, light breakfast/snacks and dinner. Food provided is nutritious, timely and ensure a wide variety of tastes.Please see the menu elsewhere in this bulletin enclosed as Annexure – I.

Support Services

Hostellers are offered services of the following service providers:

  1. Washerman: For washing and pressing all garments except socks, undergarments, hankerchiefs, belts, shoes and ties. The exceptions are to be washed by the boarders. However, maids wash these items for children of classes I-IV.

  2. Maid: For cleaning the room, making bed, cobweb cleaning and shoe rack cleaning. However, the responsibility of keeping the almirah rests with the boarders. Maids arrange the almirah for children of classes I-IV.

  3. Attendant: For distributing clothes, providing hot water during winters, providing medical care and meal assistance at the time of sickness

  4. Security Guard: Morning wake up call; Bell reminders to ensure beginning and end of scheduled activities; water management and night rounds

Preparation Time

There are supervised preparation hours in the evening on working days and in the morning on holidays. These sessions, of two hour duration, are intended to prepare the children for home work, tests and examinations under the self-study mode. Doubts on varied subjects are to be addressed in the subject-teacher supervised prep time during school hours. Discussion or talking is strictly prohibited during these sessions. These schedules are also included in the activity schedule later in this bulletin. Class-wise subject-wise study programmes are enclosed elsewhere in the bulletin as annexure-II.

Games & Sports

The school routine has adequate provisions for games and sports including athletics. Other than those sessions, hostellers have facility and time to play for an hour everyday in the evening from a wide variety of games such as football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, kabbadi, kho kho, badminton etc. Regular and compulsory, Yoga and Physical Training (PT) is organised everyday in the morning for 30-45 minutes. These schedules are also included in the activity schedule later in this bulletin.

In-House Entertainment

A large wide-screen flat TV with DVD is fitted in the common room for the education and entertainment of children. Apart from this, they are taken once a month to our Audio Visual Room with surround sound for a true movie experience. These schedules are also included in the activity schedule later in this bulletin.

Outdoor Tours

Twice in a year, children are taken out for tours. Usually once they are taken for a picnic to a nearby scenic location within 100 kms during the month of January. In the recent years, students have visited Maithon Dam, Burnpur Riverside, Mukutmanipur, Deoul and Nachan Dam. Besides they are taken out on educational tours after annual examination. In the recent years, they have been taken to Science City, Kolkata. For all such tours, money is deducted from the pocket money account of the children. For details on pocket money, please see elsewhere in this bulletin.

Computer & Internet Facilities

Need-based computer and internet facilities are provided to senior children to help them work with their class work and project requirements.

Tuck Shop

A tuck shop is a common facility offered to all the hostellers to inculcate the habit of shopping for essentials with responsibility. A cheque book is issued to all the hostellers to help them buy essentials such as toiletries, books and stationeries, dresses and select food items normally not available in set food menus. Children write out their requirements in duplicate. These requirements are checked by the warden to verify them. Further, these requirements, subject to availability, are issued to the children after collecting one coupon. The other coupon is left in the cheque book itself for parents to check later. The amounts are then deducted from the pocket money account. For details on pocket money, please see elsewhere in this bulletin.

Medical Assistance

Hostellers suffering from contagious diseases are quarantined in a specially segregated sick room in the school building away from the hostel. The suffering hosteller is periodically supervised and assisted for medicine and meal-intake as per the directions of a medical practitioner. Hostellers suffering from minor ailments such as fever, cough and cold are kept in the hostel and their meals are provided in the hostel itself. Besides, regular checking on their medicine in-take, they are also assisted with special diet, if prescribed by the medical practitioner. Please also refer to ‘health issues of hostel inmates’ for declaration of health status at the time of admission every year and whenever he rejoins hostel after complete bed rest at home or at any other health institution.