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Introduction to Community Life

Man is a social animal. He or she is a part of society – participating in a variety of social or community activities in various phases of his or her life. His successes, and failures, too depend more on his interactions with society and community interventions rather on his personal strengths including intelligence, physical strength or sincerity. Community living accentuates his social foundations. Living in student communities or hostels exposes a student to adapt to social life at an early stage as a hostel increasingly represents microcosm of a real world. Hostels offer a range of experiences that are largely an interplay between individual and group interactions leading an individual to become a “better-fit” in the society.

It is expected that students staying in Beachwood School’s hostel would become more successful in life with multitude of accomplishments behind as they face challenges of life on an ongoing basis.


Community living offers several advantages over learnings at day schools and magnifies the advantages of a day boarding school. These advantages are summed up in the following objectives:
1. To learn to live in a social framework with its own set of rules and regulations and become independent of home’s support system
2. To improve in academics in company of faculty, senior children and own classmates and by making judicious use of evening prep time
3. To enjoy a wider choice of sports and co-curricular activities over a higher period of time leading to superior personality development and leadership qualities
4. To communicate in English language on a sustained basis and develop expertise over a reasonable period of time
5. To independently manage personal affairs for long periods of time
6. To learn to live with others by giving and receiving co-operation
7. To follow a set of schedules and associated guidelines to improve personal discipline
8. To inculcate basic economic sense and strive to plan and expend money


Admissions & Withdrawal

Admissions of a Newcomer: A newcomer is admitted to the hostel in Class I or above after writing an admission test for that class. Once a ward is found fit to admit in school and hostel, parents can take admission after paying the necessary school and hostel’s fees, including security deposit and pocket money, in the office.

Admissions of a Day Scholar: A day scholar is admitted to the hostel in Class I or above after paying the necessary hostel’s fees, including difference in security deposit and pocket money, in the office.

Withdrawal from Hostel: A hosteller can be withdrawn from the hostel after giving in writing a notice – one months in advance. An advance of one month’s hostel fees at time of leaving is payable during the year or at the end of the year. Even if a student switches from hostel to day school – same rule applies. Security deposit is adjusted at the time of leaving the hostel with this fee and any other pending dues. Transfer Certificate is only issued upon clearance of all pending dues and payment of Rs. 200 as TC fee.