Affiliated to CBSE | Affiliation No- 2430237 | Nursery to Class-XII | Hostel Facility Available

Highlights of Education

1. Life Skills –  Life skills required in our daily lives such as communication skills, interpersonal and group skills are adequately emphasized through meaningful adult and peer interactions within and outside school. These skills are highly critical for a person to establish individual and social identity. Without these skills, academic brilliance or physical strength is of no use. These skills have to be acquired at an early age. The school provides the platform to nurture learning of these skills.

2. Sports & Physical Training – Sports and physical training is compulsory to ensure the physical fitness of the student, so important to build stamina to study, play and the capacity to work in the years later to move ahead of the competition. PT is compulsory every day for every student (KG onwards) and so is a sports period to expend physical energies of children.

3. Co-curricular Activities – Quiz, dumb charade, JAM, dance, drama, music, elocution, debate, painting etc. are quiet prominent in school’s socio-cultural landscape ensuring development of multi-faceted identity of students. Placed in between academic curriculum, they adequately refresh students to further accelerate their pace of learning. Participation in these activities is compulsory for all students.

4. Remedial Classes – These are held for resident students who are weak in certain subjects especially those coming from other schools. These are conducted after school hours. These classes ensure that the weaker students gain the lost ground earlier and strengthen their academic position.

5. Focus on English – The school encourages all students to communicate in English only. As students stay longer participating in several activities involving peer-to-peer and adult-to-child communications, the English language is significantly strengthened.

6. Career Orientation – Eminent people from industry, business and education interact with students and parents on a routine basis to provide them a bouquet of career choices that they can opt for in future.