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Health Issues of Inmates

At the time of entry to the school in a new academic session, parents must produce a medical certificate of physical fitness categorically stating that the child is fit to stay in the hostel. After any medical illness requiring medical intervention, similar certificate is to be produced along with doctor’s prescription, diagnosis of illness, diagnostic test reports and medicine bills. These have to be submitted to the warden at the time of re-entry of the children to the hostel.

If a boarder is suffering from minor ailment, primary first-stage treatment is given before he is taken to the doctor. The bills related to doctor’s fees, investigations, hospitalization, medicines, transport etc. are deducted from the pocket money account. In case of hospitalization, parents are immediately informed. In case of long-term chronic illness, parents are advised to keep the boarder at home for requisite personal care and attention.

Unless a doctor has prescribed complete bed rest, a child cannot stay at home on any other medical grounds. A certificate to that effect must be produced before keeping a child away from the hostel by the parent.